Lakes Entrance Dredging

Lakes Entrance is home to the largest commercial fishing fleet in Victoria and increasingly is used by local and visiting recreational vessels. Regular dredging at the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes has occurred for more than 120 years and has been essential for maintaining access between the Gippsland Lakes and Bass Strait since the permanent entrance was constructed in 1889.

Gippsland Ports awarded Birdon the contract for the hire and operation of a cutter suction dredge for 18 months while they sourced their own dredge.

Birdon undertook the following scope of work:

  • Supply, establishment and operation of cutter suction dredge discharging to fixed slurry pumping station at Lakes Entrance
  • Dredging of boat harbour with discharge to beach for re-nourishment at Port Welshpool
  • Maintenance of dredge and pipeline
  • Development of preferred dredging practices

Birdon subsequently won the tender to build and supply a purpose-built cutter suction dredge for Gippsland Ports.