Great Lakes Dredging

Birdon delivered maintenance dredging of Lower Myall River entrance to aid navigation and replenish beach sand in eroded areas within Port Stephens. This project involved dredging approximately 110,000m3 of sand from the eastern channel of the Lower Myall River, near Jimmy’s Beach, and relocating it to the badly eroded Winda Woppa sand spit.

Work was undertaken in three phases:

  • Excavation phase
    Sand was excavated from the area of the channel above mean water level using a 30-tonne excavator and loaded into articulated dump trucks. This was then transported and placed to form a perimeter bund for the sand stockpile.
  • Dredge Phase
    Birdon used a 10” cutter suction dredge for removal of the remaining material from the river channel. This material was then pumped up to 2km via a temporary pipeline to be stockpiled or for beach renourishment.
  • Deposition
    Birdon placed the dredged sand along a 600m section of Jimmy’s Beach to provide protection from erosion and restore the beach. The remaining material was deposited in a nearby stockpile for future beach renourishment.