Birdon supports Coast Guard Foundation’s Tribute to the Eighth Coast Guard District

Birdon US was a very proud sponsor of the Coast Guard Foundation‘s Tribute to the Eighth Coast Guard District. As a Shield of Freedom Sponsor, we were honored to reaffirm our commitment to supporting the brave men and women of the U.S Coast Guard.
The Tribute to the Eighth Coast Guard District took place on March 8 at the National WWII Museum. Guests included Coast Guard members, maritime industry leaders, defense professionals, and passionate supporters of the Coast Guard.
As a member of the dinner committee Robert Scott; President of Birdon America, represented us by being a member of the Foundation Dinner Committee. He was thrilled that the committee’s outreach to sponsors resulted in the highest-grossing New Orleans dinner to date.
Rob said, “The Coast Guard plays a crucial role in America’s maritime safety and security. By sponsoring the dinner, Birdon gives back to the Coast Guard personnel that face dangerous situations without hesitation to protect us and honor their loved one’s sacrifices.”
During the event, the Coast Guard Foundation recognized the outstanding contributions of Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans and their search and rescue partners. These dedicated teams perform critical medical evacuations to save mariners and passengers in the challenging waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
From rescuing injured crew members on oil rigs to aiding ill patients on commercial ships, fishing vessels, and recreational boats, these medevac operations often require helicopter crews to venture far from shore, even in adverse weather conditions.
In her inspiring keynote address, Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Linda Fagan emphasized the global reach of the Coast Guard and the increasing demand for its services. She highlighted the critical role this support plays in ensuring the well-being of Coast Guard families and the effectiveness of their mission.

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