Birdon receives MLB vessel on East Coast

On Friday 15 July 2022, Birdon received Motor Life Boat (MLB) No. 47285 in Portland, CT. This will be the tenth vessel designated by the US Coast Guard to go through Birdon’s Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).


To minimize the time that MLB vessels spend away from their home base, and to reduce transport costs, Birdon has established production facilities on both the West and East Coasts of the US.


To date, Birdon has accepted nine vessels at its West Coast facility with the sixth boat due for completion and delivery to the Coast Guard at the end of August. MLB No. 47285 will be the first vessel completed at Birdon’s East Coast facility.

Congratulations and thank you to our team and to our USCG customer for the safe delivery and receipt of this vessel. East Coast production is due to start at the end of August.

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