Birdon Delivers 11th 47’ MLB to Station Umpqua River

Yesterday, August 7th, 2023, Birdon delivered the 11th boat for the U.S. Coast Guard’s (USCG) 47’ Motor Lifeboat (MLB) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). The vessel was completed in Birdon’s Bellingham, WA facility before being delivered to Station Umpqua River. This is the second boat from Birdon’s MLB SLEP program to be delivered to this station, with the first delivered only two months prior.

Station Umpqua River is located on the north side of the Umpqua River along the Central Oregon Coast and is one of only nineteen stations in the Coast Guard to be designated as a Surf Station, a specification reserved for locations where wave conditions within the station’s area of responsibility exceed 8 feet (2.4m) for 36 days or more per year. The 47’ MLBs, designed for operation in high surf and heavy weather conditions, are what allow these vital surf stations to maintain operations.

In addition to performing rough water rescues, the station’s duties include enforcement of laws and treaties, marine environmental protection, maritime law enforcement, boating safety and implementation of commercial fishing vessel safety regulations. Birdon’s Service Life Extension Program will ensure the 47’ MLBs are outfitted with an additional twenty years of updated lifesaving capabilities that allow the USCG to perform its essential work.

This vessel demonstrated improved sound and noise testing – the result of a joint effort between our Production and Engineering teams. Members of the Bellingham Production team were able to participate in short trips during testing and trials on the Bellingham Bay, giving them the opportunity to experience their handiwork in action.

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